Self-lubricated Bearings & Bushings

Polygon Company is a vertically integrated self-lubricated bearing company. We design and produce our own proprietary liners, as well as resin formulations. We can also engineer special fiber architectures and hybridization for those special high-tech applications that may require something new or unique.

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Fluid PowerFluid Power

Fluid Power

Composite Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders

Polygon's PolySlide® products are revolutionizing the motion control field with advanced composite cylinder tubing materials, providing high performance and value compared to aluminum and other similar metallic materials.

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Medical TubingMedical Tubing

Medical Tubing

Composite Surgical Tubing

PolyMed® combines lightweight materials and strong physical characteristics, as well as radiolucent and dielectric properties, thin walls, rigidity and the ability to be sterilized. PolyMed composite medical tubing meets this stringent criteria.

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Electrical TubingElectrical Tubing

Electrical Tubing

Double Insulation Tubing

Polygon Company is the world leader in the production of double insulation tubing for the power tool and appliance industry. We competitively supply the world with "just in time" and "defect free" tubes.

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