PolySight composite sight glass

Product Description

polysight tubesPolySight™ composite tubing is a perfect alternative to conventional sight glass. Polygon engineers developed PolySight™ years ago for use with oil reservoir systems. The extra strength of these filament wound composites will keep PolySight™ tubes from denting or chipping. Thanks to their high strength, low cost and light-weight characteristics, they are ideal substitutes for most of today's metal and thermoplastic products. The distinct translucent benefits are a result of Polygon's design and manufacturing strengths, which work to your advantage when used in highly-pressurized, critical oil systems.

Product Advantages

Polygon's composite construction benefits also extend to an advanced corrosion resistance nature. Acids, moisture, salt water and other corrosive environments will inhibit performance and longevity in most other products. PolySight™ composite tubing will withstand even the harshest of conditions.

polysight parts 2

PolySight™ Benefits & Value

Significant weight reduction is another benefit of PolySight™ composite tubing. Steel, brass and even aluminum are all substantially higher in weight than composites. And shipping costs will be less along with material handling and assembly.


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