Floating dock

Well suited to harsh environments

marine cargo ship

In harsh wet conditions, PolyLube's corrosion resistance provides a strong advantage over conventional bearings.

PolyLube has been successfully used in continuous saltwater immersion, and shows high moisture resistance.


  • Stern Tube
  • Rudder Bearing
  • Docks/Boat Lifts
  • Cranes
  • Sailboats
  • Winches
  • Container lifting

Case Study – Docks and Other Adjustable Walkways

A rising tide lifts all boats. It also needs to lift your gangplank too. Salt air leads to accelerated corrosion. No matter why the walkway seized, structural damage from this type of failure is costly in time and materials.

Injection molded bearings seem to be a reasonable solution, but wave action and bore contamination can lead to increased wear from dithering action, aside from loading issues.

Solution – Composite Bearings

Polygon's composite bearings provide the load capacity and corrosion resistance needed for this simple yet critical application.

Sample Applications

ships marine


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