News - A Positive Spin on Composites

Mar 15, 2011, Walkerton, Indiana

large composite bearingPolygon Company is proud to announce that recent product and process expansion has enabled production of large Polylube® composite bushings approaching 30 inches (762 MM) in outside diameter and up to 72 inches in length.

The composite self-lubricating bushing industry has focused primarily on sizes between 0.500” ID and 6”. While a few attempts have been initiated to broaden that product window, Polygon Company has decided to make larger bushing sizes a primary focus.

This opens up many new large bore composite bushing applications such as fluid actuation, valves, heavy cranes and even offshore rig bushings. These fields can now enjoy the benefits known in the aerial lift platform, construction and agricultural equipment markets.

For many years large bushing applications have been dominated by bronze or other metallic constituents requiring significant secondary machining and fabrication to incorporate grease or lubrication paths. These lubrication methods are high maintenance and prone to failure.

"Large bushings are often used in complex machinery where maintenance access is difficult at best. Even with access, downtime is a significant expense. Polylube's® lifetime permanent lubrication decreases maintenance and removes one element from the failure equation, lowering total cost of operation," said James Shobert, Polygon Company CEO.

Polygon Company’s self-lubricated bushings are well suited for applications where high loads and corrosive environments present significant engineering challenges. Work boats, naval vessels, wind generation and even oil rigs now have a superior alternative for their demanding large bore applications. Polygon Company’s composite bushings have always been compatible with hydrodynamic applications such as marine, submersible pumps, fluid control and valves. Polylube® composite bushings have always supported fluids that are in intimate contact with the bushing surface without any negative impact.

Polygon Company’s focus is entirely on composites, enabling the company to maintain our position as the world’s highest volume composite bushing supplier. Polygon Company first designed, developed and patented the composite self-lubricated bushings incorporating DuPont™ Teflon® super-filaments, not as a coating or secondary process. Teflon super filaments are integrated into the composite structure eliminating the need for any lubrication.

About Polygon Company

Founded in 1949, Polygon Company is a proven composite material engineering innovator, currently holding over 40 active patents on unique products, designs and proprietary manufacturing capabilities.

Headquartered in Walkerton, Indiana, Polygon has expanded to a worldwide manufacturing and distribution network providing composite solutions in multiple industries from bearings to laparoscopic surgical tubing.

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